This is What Happens in Real Life!

Fished the Southern Redfish Cup Championship this past weekend, had 3 small slot fish in the well. Looking for an upgrade, Got a NICE thump on the line, set the hook, fought it out of structure and… BAM! A foul hooked Mullet! Go figure!

Gotta love when you get that heart racing only to have it ripped out. Better luck next time.

No the best is when you find a pod of fish that are consistently 22 15/16. You get all excited and can’t sleep then come tournament day this same pod you’ve seen for weeks has for some reason evacuated and leaves you hearing crickets. Now if you would have left the mullet hooked and swimming around is that still fishing with live bait? Lol

Nice Mullet!!!:smiley:

Capt Buddy Bizzell
Edisto Palmetto Charters
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Being on the water is a blessing, catching fish is a bonus!

All you can do is laugh about that. Lol!!!

No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how far you fall…you are never out of the fight.

Was it at least in the slot?

I’ve foul hooked big mullet a couple of times. It’s always happened when it was really cold. I wondered if that has something to do with it.

It is a “poo” filled Twinkie to think you have a nice redfish only to pull up a dang mullet.

Good bait and can’t even use it in the Tx. artificals only!