This sure as hell hurt

Cleaned a nice coon then decided to do the snapping turtle I caught awhile back I have kept in tub.

Well, all done, but saw on Tube where you can get more meat from top of head.

I had cut the head off about 3 hours ago, so I commenced to doing that. Dumbazz me needed

a better grip so somehow stuck my left hand ring finger in it’s mouth.

Son of a ■■■■■, it clamped down and instant reaction was shaking it off, which I did. Bleeding plenty which can be good for flushing, so going to doc tomorrow.

Yea. That’s gonna need some ointment. Infection ain’t just a river in Africa.

come on Doublen, what meat on the top of the head!!! Dude that looks like it hurt!!! I think a turtle has more long lived nerves and movement after “death” than a snake. Future note to self… screw the head meat!

Man! Even the pictures are painful

We had trouble with waterman’s disease around the Chesapeake so we kept bleach on our boats to put on cuts stings like hell but we thought it helped

My biggest problem was getting stabbed with crab points while culling and the occasional stupid handling bites, it’s like they injected something when they stabbed you it would hurt for more than a week

Take care of yourself and get that looked at

Wow, so sorry that happened. It was 3 hours AFTER you cut the head off? Dang. Take care of that, I can only imagine what is inside a cooter’s mouth.

Turtles doing turtle stuff

OUCH !!! That’s going to leave a mark.

Words can’t describe that bone deep hurt!

Peroxide and iodine.

Definitely get it looked at soon. I’ve read they can carry salmonella. Hope your tetanus shot is up to date too. It hurts just looking at the pictures!!

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Hey Fred, never messed with head before, but saw on the Tube where a guy cut it out,. Couple nice chunks of white meat.

Anyway ended up with a couple stitches, tetanus shot and 10 days of antibiotics…sheesh.

When he bit down I instantly shook my hand without even thinking and head flew off across shop floor. Probably not the best way, but instinct told me otherwise, lol.

Hopefully no infection…


Hey Fripp, I hit it with peroxide last night and again this morning before going to Doc.


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Best thing you can do is get that Beam flowing through your veins. If it gets infected,you’ll know.I’ve been bit by many creatures but never a turtle.Good luck to you.

Hey Fred, don’t wanna waste this, lol. White meat from neck extends way up in there…

Hope the Doc fixed you up with some antibiotic of some sort. Those are some evil looking creatures. One of my Border Collies found one last year trying to get under the backyard fence heading back to the pond. I intervened before she got too nosey.

“Somebody needs to make a law regulating assault snapping turtles!”

They did Fripp. Antibiotic cream Mupirocin, that I didn’t mention above.

When I went in pharmacy to pick up, the pharmacist said, when done with this, do not throw away as it is so good and hard to get…


He got you good but you got him better. I’m sure that is sore.

The instinct to toss it away has gotten a lot of people holding crabs, turtles, snakes, etc

Does look like a good bit of head meat, you gonna make a stew?

this popped up

You can’t tell me your phone don’t spy on you.

Put that thing in an ants nest to clean it up and keep it on the mantel with a pic of what it did to your finger!! and another pic with the cooked meat.

Filet Around And Find Out