Thoughts on Idalia?

Thoughts with those in Fl dealing with some serious stuff this morning. What’s everyone thinking on this storm/how it will affect us? The twice the ice by the house was out this morning… surrounding gas stations were out as well, I got a few bags from a less popular station. I’m in Summerville, I’d imagine we’ll lose power at some point…hopefully not for too long. If anyone needs a last minute hand to secure stuff this morning, shoot me a pm, happy to help (I’m in the Ponds in Summerville). Stay safe everyone.


Hate it for the communities down there. I was just in Cedar Key a few weeks back.

Lools like plenty of rain amd some decent wind so probably some power loss like you suspect. We filled up and got a fresh bottle of propane too.

Heard rumors we’re gonna leave work early today but ill believe when I see it ha

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Site supervisor says you have to stay Sparky.Someone has to watch the buckets and the switch gear.haha

FL looks torn up, poor folks there.
Hey @barbawang , when do you see worst storm surge hitting harbor, rivers tonight? Worried about wind pushing water up with this 9:00 PM King tide.

I hope everyone will stay safe and be careful . There is no reason for anyone to take unnecessary risks. Relax today and don’t let the fake meteorologists on TV scare you with exaggerated bs. There are plenty of great fishing days coming

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I was planning to come down & wet sone hooks Friday. I’m sure with all the rain & now north winds i guess I’ll stay home. Imagine the fishing would be crap.

Hope all you guys stay safe & maybe no one has any flooding or property damage.

8-10 tonight should be pretty sporty on the tide with that wind pushing it in. I couldn’t say how high… hope to see some pix!

Limehouse predicted is 7.5 @ 10 tonight.

Look out!

I pulled the boat out of the water yesterday afternoon and DNR was there pulling 5-6 boats out themselves. Must be serious.

Y’all take care!!

The news up here is showing cars overturrned by what appears to be tornadoes

Stay safe out there

West Ashley survived. Plenty of rain and an extra big tide tonight, but we look good.

Creek by me pushed up into the yard, flooded some of the neighborhood. High was supposed to be 7.8’, guessing it was 9 plus.

I worked the 4 - midnight shift at SEOC. We only received one request for services, and it wasn’t really storm related. Saw where a few (2-3) tornadoes touched down but, it looks like the state came out pretty well. Not nearly what was anticipated thank goodness. I hope this early storm isn’t an indication of what the season is going to be like.

Sad about Florida. I was just down in that area a few weeks ago. Went to Ozello and now see where half of it is under water.

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Late responding here, but water off the Wando is cleaner than usual. Guessing the surge brought clean water in and pulled everything out with it. Plus, didn’t get a ton of rain. Hoping to fish this PM.

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Dang I figured it would be like chocolate milk up there.Let us know how things looked if you get out there.Ida was pretty much a nothingburger .I’m ready for one to come in that we can have a real discussion about.You know,weather men crying and burying anchors in the yard.

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Yep, that cleaner water here is gone. Guess the rainwater pushing in from the west is here. Tides are ripping in and out. Fished last of the outgoing tide. Found some decent reds stacked up in the shallow oysters, hit my diezel minnowz in creole croaker hard. Fewer finger mullet, lots of shrimp popping in the creek.


Thanks for your report.