Thurs Report

Went out early with my Dad from La. again. 6:00 am - 10:30am. Caught one on top water near Dam Rec area. They never did school like I wanted. Headed to Spence Island to look around, nothing seen on FF. A ton of boats were toward Lands end condos. Alot of boats were at the mouth of Jakes Coves. We picked up two more nice fish there, then went to Lands end with everyone else. Some people were catching a few, then the fish disapeared. Went back to Spence, then went to the towers. Sounds like alot of running, butI hate to get in the crowd around the guides. People at the towers caught a few nice fish, but no great numbers. We then trailered up and went home. Saw other guide boat and he said it was slow today, with mostly small fish. The lunar table says major fish activity at night. Night fishing might be the ticket this week. Go figure