Thursday 6-16 Trouts

Got out on the bay for the 1st time this year last Thursday, Caught a few fish and grilled them up. Boy they were good. Need to go more often.

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Yes sir! Awesome!

Nice catch.
That’s the way you cook fish…

Awesome. Interesting way to cook those reds. Will have to try that sometime.

Take a closer look… lol

And well done indeed to the OP!

Ooops, trout. May have had a couple of vacation drinks last night.

Why I never!


Well at least you didn’t post anything that might start a fight while you were drinking,like some of these hotheads around here.haha I started to reply before stump but I knew it would come out wrong,don’t know how he does it? I’ve cooked trout like that back when you weren’t required to have a license and there wasn’t a limit.

The ole illusive spotless spottail, masquerading as a trout…

I have pictures of a spotless spotail that I got very close to stumps boat landing. I turned him loose,I’m sure opti had already caught him before me.haha I love this new format but can someone tell me how to check for a pm,not that I get that many.

sman, sorry to be the one to have to tell you… You’ve been blocked…

Hey, I’m on vacation, I’m allowed.