thursday reds

Went out early to catch high tide. Trolled a little first thing on the way to spot but no trout to be had. Got to spot with time to spare and started throwing lures. First hour of outgoing was hot. The high tide wasn’t huge yesterday so they were in a little deeper water. Was there for just a few hours and landed 3 overslot reds. Lots of fun getting pulled around by a 7lb fish in kayak!!! All three were caught on artificial.

Nice job!

BTW. You do not have to pierce the fish’s lips to hold it with a fish gripper. They are designed to hold the fish using pressure from both sides of the skin.

Nice work. Pretty pic at the beginning. Nice morning

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What Vin said…

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

Thanks guys. We sure do live in an amazing place. Think next time I’ll just grab them with my hands.


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Nice job squirrel man…get ready to catch hell from those guys for holding those reds upright with a boga grip. They say that it is detrimental to their health and they should be held horizontally. I posted a pic of a bull red that weighed about 35 lbs this year and received loads of “not doin it right” mail.

Good job!

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I have no problem correcting someone about how they are holding a fish, it just needs to be done in a nicer way. Most folks that hold these big reds by the jaw probably just are not aware that they are potentially harming the fish. Hold em horizontally, get your pics and then make sure they are able to swim away to be caught again one day.

Thanks for the knowledge. Definitely don’t want to harm the fish.