I was thinking about going out in the morning. It will probably be the last week day I can get out for a while. I’ll be putting in at the dam. More than likely I’ll fish down rods and/or free lines. I don’t have that 2nd anchor yet, so no cut baiting.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Bob

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Plan on doing the same. Only day I can get out in the next week. Fishing from Wessinger to Ballentine with down rods and planer boards. Best of Luck. I will be in a Key West 186 with a T-Top and 115 Yamaha.

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Taking a day off from golf Thursday and introducing our Vicar to striper fishing before he heads back to the seminary to complete his studies. I went out on a “scouting trip” (no rods) Monday checking out the lower end of the lake. Never had an easier time locating fish. They were at every hump, point, and cut where I thought I’d find them. As weather pattern has remained steady, I’d like to think that things haven’t changed. We’ll be mostly pulling planers and corks, but will be prepared to switch to all downrods if that’s what it takes. Hopefully I can awe him (and Patti).

I’m heading out in the am too. Planned on this eve as I can’t go this weekend, but couldn’t get off in time so I figured I’d just go for a couple of hours before work in the morning. Bob, you are welcome to come along unless you are just wanting to fish your new boat.

Maybe see you guys out there. I’ll pretty much be limited to the lower lake and will probably just pull FLs and maybe a couple of PBs.

BTW, if anyone else is free and wants to do a short trip in the am, I plan on putting in at the dam about 6:15 and getting off the water about 8:30.

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Well, I had the boat hooked up & loaded last night by 7:30. I got up at 5:00 this morning & planned on being at Ned’s by 6ish.
After my coffee, I went out to start up the truck. Something didn’t look right. I walked around to the passenger side and I"VE GOT A FLAT TIRE!!! :frowning_face: Looks like a nail in the tire. Not the way I wanted to start my morning, so I went back in, pissed off, & went back to bed.
I must have picked up the nail yesterday, probably at Lowes. Oh well, s**t happens. I’m going out to deal with it in a few minutes.
I’ll try to get on the lake Sat. morning.

PS: Thanks for the offer Tim. I really wanted to fish my “new” boat.

Bob Van Gundy
Marine Designs,Inc.
Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Oh man that sucks … I’ve had that happen before - only my tire was flat when I pulled up to Daniel’s (DTP3) house to pick him up one morning to go fishing … Had no choice but to change it in the driveway … to add insult to injury I spun the boat prop on the way home at the end of the day and had to use the trolling motor to get back to the closest dock … Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be … LOL

… it’s my Wife’s fault we HAVE to fish !!!

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