Tide charts

Tide charts are just a guide and are made a least a year in advance. Weather conditions/wind effect it and wow does it vary

Last Sunday Copahee Sound 5am low .5 ? I figured 6:30 would be enough water well 7AM came around and we still dragged our Kayaks to the water

Capt Dave

You can go to NOAA site and they have an observed tide versus predicted tide product, that shows you the actual tides that week versus what was predicted that allows you to see any patterns for that time period.

I went out around 6am and we dragged the yaks all the way out to the palm trees! Lowest I had seen it.



My general Copahee rule of thumb is I will probably be dragging an hour and a half on either side of low. Look at the tide prediction in the charts, but also check what the actual observed tides have been doing, as the 2 can vary considerably!


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