Tied PB - Youngen Style Charters

30 inches @ 10.00 lbs.
(That scale had been set multiple times after originally hitting that 10.00 mark, pay no attention just trust me, she don’t lie)
These youngens nowadays I swear…one day this site will see a pic posted of me, it might not be big but i can dream can’t I? She tells me they getting bigger every trip…yet somehow mine sure don’t!!!
Youngen Style

PSA: hide your kids, hide your husbands, heck hide yourself because this youngen making it real tough for some of you to keep up!


I’m guessing you’re the one that taught her the fish. You created that monster.

Next time you hook up on a nice fish. Hand your dad the pole and let him reel it in.

Woah woah woah for 1 that fish was an early birthday gift right there. 2 he will have his moments but thats when its him on the boat by himself and 3 he did create the monster I am today. Even though yall dont see many pictures of my dad just know he caught a pin fish today.

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This week a buddy and i were reminiscing about his trip with her last year and he started telling everyone that he was putting a whooping on her in her home waters that day…well that lasted about an hour head start and i gave her the green light to do your thing child and she said show time! She turned that hat backwards adjusted her shades and took my buddy down the worse ego check a grown man could ever be a part of and sent his man card straight to Jesus…he’s still my buddy because i know i can outfish him at any time! That’s the kind of circle i dabble in!!!


Great stories yall! Glad someone got out there. Thanks for the report