Tigress 5/29/11 - life under a weed mat

Me and Circle Hook got all kinds of circle hooks rigged up for all sorts and sizes of fish and then headed out at 5:30AM. Passed a few boats that appeared to be in some manner of discomfort running straight into some 2x4 seas. My bote runs faster in the stuff. Every now and then came a 3+ footer though, so we had to make due at 23 knots for the yamaha’s lower unit’s sake. After all, we were not tournament fishing, right?

Decided to make a stop to take care of some personal business, and we happened to stop just perfectly over some ellusive, highly sought after, many-named fish. What are we calling these things this year?

30 minutes later, it had become boring, :stuck_out_tongue: but the boat looked like this:

Tried to just ease a few more miles to where some groupers could be, but got stopped again. Maybe we can play with the highly sought after fish some more. Everyone on the VHF seemed to be doing the same.

Why not?

Whoops. We did it again.

Let’s challenge o

Nice haul and great pics!


Get bloody or go home :slight_smile:

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Very nice Wes and crew! Great pics of under the sargassum patch!

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Looks awesome Wes. Glad to see you guys has such a successful day.

Phin, how deep were you when you found that island of weeds and the many named fish?

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GREAT REPORT! Fun to read as well!

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Crazyyyyy pictures congrats on the day!

-Wishes Charlotte was 3 hours closer to the ocean…-

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There was some very hot water in shallow. Lots of slingers and P nuts there.

Went past the break to about 35 fathoms down south and found a huge rip with a bend in it making the thickest weed mat you see above. shaped as a pocket. 3.5 degree temp break with all the fish in the cool blue water. We caught what we saw within 50ft of the surface (water was that clear) except for one big bull that followed the others and watched each of them get caught. :face_with_head_bandage: Saw plenty more life below the weeds on the sonar. Some other boats were working within 2 miles of me. I’m sure this thing went on for a long distance… The big tides had LOTS of rips and upwellings all over the place out there, and they should still be out there now.



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Awesome Phin…Really Cool!!

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Circle hook is always good for the big gags. The man has the touch!

When referring to the pelagics be careful with such comments as “it had become boring”. The fishing gods will show you boring my friend. Don’t tempt them. :wink:

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!

nice mixed bag, good eats…
the pics are over the top.

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Glad you were able to break from from all that stress and enjoy yourself. Thanks for sharing as always and great pics!

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Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome fish as usual Phin. Thats a sweet grouper

Amazing report!

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I love a good mixed bag of goodies.
One day, I hope to do such things. I better get busy before I’m/we are not allowed.

Umm, you gonna eat that?

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Sweet take home!


Good Stuff! Great Pics!

Thanks for sharing! Havent been out deep in a while. Its nice to see your success!:sunglasses: