Tilt Trim Issues after Replacing Seals

I just replaced the seals on my trim pistons on my Yamaha 115. I manually lowered the motor down after reinstalling everything to bleed the air out and add fluid. After lowering it all the way down, it will not come back up. The trim motor is running just not getting any movemnet in the motor. If it just super low on fluid?

You probably need to keep adding fluid, and activating the pump, to bleed the air out.

My best guess…

Trim/tilt systems are fairly simple, as long as there are no leaks, and appropriate fluid level.

Just got back around to looking at this last weekend. It’s all the way in the down position. I cannot get it to raise to reach the resevoir to add more fluid. I released the pressure with the manual release but i can only pick up the motor about 12" before it stops. Will not raise any more. Is there something i am missing? How do I get this up to add the fluid? At this point, the motor is too low to even trailer it somewhere.

Hope this helps

Good luck

Untighten the manual release a little more, and get some help lifting if necessary.

It only needs to go up far enough to get to the refil plug. It’ll go, just unscrew and lift. Once you get to the plug you got it whipped.

Remove the plug with a wrench reaching up from below

When you get it up just a few inches you should be able to get to the plug. Brace the motor up with whatever you have handy.

Then get a cap or lid, like the one on lower unit oil or atop a gear oil bottle, one with a spout thingy on top.

Then get a piece of 3/8ths inch fuel line about 18 inches long and attach to that spout cap.

Use that hose and cap rig to squirt fluid into the fill hole, you dont need to replace the plug just yet, the oil you get in will allow you to raise the motor up some.

Whatever happened here?

This thing is still whipping me. I was finally able to get it all the way up. But now I can’t seem to get it to take any more fluid. I added more than a whole tube. Overflows even while having the trim engaged. Once i close off the resevoir cap, drop the motor with the manual release, close manual release and trim it up; it only comes up just past the trim pistons. Also, it does nothing when I try to trim it down. Also, when I trim it up like this the tilt piston seems to float. I can bounce the motor up an d down and the tilt piston moves/floats - it isn’t holding firm. Is this still a fluid issue or do I have other problems?

Next time its all the way up fill with fluid.

Then release the manual release screw and lift/rock the motor up and down a few times, then tighten release screw back up. You might need a friend to help with that step.

That should get some air out of the lines and stop some of the bounce/float you speak of.

Refill then the reservoir and put plug back in.

Run the motor up and down as needed, and that forces air out if any is left as well.

If its still spongy repete the process.

Hope that helps, if not check back in.

Sounds like you are almost there, dont give up.

i AM ABOUT TO GIVE UP. LOL. It concerns me that the trim down is not doing anything at all.

If all else fails, get a bigger hammer…