Time for the Tax Stamp

Wow, it worked.

So, I need some info on the quickest way for a suppressor. I’ve been told if filing online it could be 90 days or less. With the new system, lol.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. If I do in my name, I want to do a trust. If that will slow it down, will just have my son do it.

Go thru FFL dealer, and perhaps an NFA Trust???

All info appreciated as to the best way to proceed.


The only thing about putting it in your son’s name would be technically you’re supposed to have a copy of your non-constitutional tax stamp in your possession.

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With the trust thing, will you and your son be able to have weapon on tax stamp with either of you alone? Still have to have your Chief Law enforcement officer sign off on it, correct?

What did you pick to suppress?

Nothing happens real fast but this is what I did.


From what I was told today, sheriffs Office. No problem.

As of now, one AR, at least, and a .22 pistol…

Thanks for the replies.


You’ll love the .22 with sub sonic… quieter than most pellet rifles.

On the ar. In .556 it will knock the sound down, but still pretty loud. I was expecting a lot more reduction, just can’t get rid of that sonic crack. What is really nice is a a three hundred, you can get sub sonics for it.

I still don’t know what the big deal is on owning a suppressor. It is so much nicer on the ears and the neighbors ears, when sport shooting.

Because your government wants to control everything you do, that’s what the big deal is.

Call Leadenwah. He’ll steer you in the right direction. I think he’s in West Ashley near me.

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I ordered a 9mm can in Feb. 2021, received electronic documents April 2021. Still waiting on my can.

I ordered a .22 can in Aug. 2021, received electronic documents Aug. 2021.

Did both through a local business by way of Silencer Shop using their Fingerprint kiosk.

I checked the status of my 9mm can yesterday, status “pending”. Thanks ATF.

I did a single-shot trust on both so I can add my sons later. Silencer Shop makes it relatively easy. NOTHING is fast when it comes to the ATF.

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