Time out Sports Review

Awesome. 10 out of 10. I rented from Dave at time out sports. Smart move. The kayak was a hobie revolution 13, an awesome kayak. It came with a mirage drive. Mirage drives make short work of kayaking, so much easier than paddles. It was very windy on Saturday, and the guys were headed upwind into the wind. they were all struggling hard against the tide and wind, but the revolution travelled effortlessly through the slough. The only downside was that I had trouble travelling through the thick reeds in the water, as they caught the drive. He even rented the kayak to me and gave it to me the night before so I could be out on the water early with the guys. Super deal. He even loaned me a kayak extension for my pickup for free!! I didn’t ask for it, he put it on my truck. I’d definitely rent from him again. Oh and did I mention he gave me a discount too? :slight_smile:

Good deal. Time Out and Dave are great. I’ve been doing business with them since they opened their doors 20 years ago. The owner, Frank, and now Dave have always done good by me.

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Yes, the only thing I could wish for on top of everything he did, would be to open a bit earlier on Saturday’s.

Yeah Dave is a great guy and fusherman

Perception Sport Pescador 12

Good to meet you saltyyakker and glad you had a good experience with your rental…

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Great report Saltyyaker…and It was great meeting you.

how much is that Hobie rental for a day ??

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Hey thanks guys. It was great meeting you as well. Specifically lewis cuz he loaned me his jacket. LOL
I think his normal rental rate is 45.00 but he gave me a break, cuz I work for the military he said.
I think he’ll give you a break too cuz your a member of our little group, but if you want the actual
facts, call him and ask. His number is 843 388-6266. His name is Dave.