Tiny train village

This one’s for the Peapod.

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That’s cool Ricky. Reminds me of when my dad was into trains.

That’s a really neat layout. Must be 027 gauge, Lionel? A lot of nice detail in that set up.

O gauge, yes. Mostly Lionel stuff. There are a ton of companies that make stuff this size.

Great detail and some entertaining scenes in there also. “Like very much we must!”

Morticia said I could have one like this…

Wednesday died you know

I did not know that. Gosh, only 64.

Very sad but I liked the munsters better

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Hey don’t let cuz climb that ladder.
He’ll end up on the ground like his buddy. Besides there’s nothing up there to paint anyway.

best 2 characters. Got to be the hobo and the scarecrow.

Oh yeah forgot…
Addams family or The Munsters.
From a kind of a toss-up but I think I’m leaning towards The Addams family

I really liked the hobo laying down in the boxcar. We should call him “Boxcar Willie”!

Clown in the corn

Dogs peeing on hydrants

Framing accident


“Ricky changes the tempo”


If you did a modern day train set, you’d have Crack Ho’s on the corner and meth heads breaking into the train cars.

The fun is in the hidden scenes.

Most of the house painters I’ve known do like to Hydrate themselves at work with ankahol! He musta started early.

I think it inspires creativity in their craft. It never worked for me?

Missed the burglar and cat on the roof. That’s really nice. So much to take in besides the train.