Tip of the week 6/18/12 This is a must!

If you really want to improve your “A” game in either offshore or inshore fishing, this book is a must read. http://www.amazon.com/Fishermans-Ocean-David-Ross-Ph-D/dp/0811727718

This book will hand it all to you on a silver platter, not just theories of actions of fish, but documented studies of behavior as well as ocean conditions, sea surface temps, tides, moon phases, feeding habits of different fish, and basically fish life as a whole. I guarantee it will help you fill the fish box faster on any given day.


Cape Horn 24OS Sold!
twin 150 Optimax

I don’t want to be rich,
I just want 1 dollar more than I can spend!

Might just have to order that one. Thanks!

Ordered. Really love the tips, please keep them coming.