Tips on deep hole shrimp

I’m new to this and have never caught deep hole shrimp before but have a net now that I’m itching to use. What are some tips on finding holes? Depth? What to look for on sonar? I think I may have seen some the other day idling through a creek but was unsure. I am in town the next couple days fishing and would like to find some holes and try to catch some. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Hewes Redfisher 21/200 VMAX

Anybody got any tips? Not looking for spots, just general guidance on where and how to start.

Hewes Redfisher 21/200 VMAX

Hey, go to search on top of page and type in deep hole shrimp on sonar, make sure search on Chasfishing is checked. You will see sonar shots, then search for just deep hole shrimp for lots of info, hope this helps!

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