Tips on Fishing the Charleston Jettys

I would like to fish the jetties for Redfish in a small boat. Generally speaking, which is better - North or South jetty?
Inside, outside, or tips of the jetties?
Incoming or Outgoing tide?
I understand blue crabs or finger mullet are the bait of choice.

There was a great Tideline article a few years ago. See if you can google it up…

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You can Google “Charleston Jetties Fishing” and you’ll find a treasure trove of old posts on this forum concerning fishing the jetties…and some helpful map images too. Good luck…

Being from Conway I doubt that I will ever fish the jetties in Charleston, but that article was packed with good information for you locals.

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I didn’t read the article, I just know from personal experience that I always try to fish the incoming tide when fishing inshore, it just tends to be slower and less aggressive. I have never fished the outsides of the jettys so I don’t know if a certain side is better. I fish the harbor side on whichever set, (north or south) is calmer or where the wind will keep the boat positioned on the rocks. I fish with squid, whole and cut mullet, and menhaden and have never caught a slot red, they are always bulls. One of my most fun fish to catch other than Amberjack. But the jettys are one of those spots that is kinda universal, you can’t go wrong and even by accident you’ll catch fish. But if you’re going to fish over that way, it might be worth your while to try Dynamite hole because I’ve seen and heard that it’s a HOT spot lately for big reds. Good luck and have fun

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my only advice is to use heavy tackle. When I fish the jetties, which is just about everyday, I use tld 15’s spooled with 30lb mono and leaders ranging from 40-125 depending on whats in the area. Pains me to see people out there using light tackle on the big reds. Good luck and be safe, the jetties can get dangerous really quick if you are not paying attention to your surroundings.
It is what it is!

Im with Capt Fritz if your gonna fish out there take heavy tackle, however when I fish out there I keep my 6’9" med in the boat and troll down the jetties pitching the pockets, pick up slot reds, and flounder all day. If your gonna back off the rocks though and fish deeper Id use heavier tackle. I use 20lb braid with a 30lb flouro leader on my med and 40lb braid w/ 50lb mono leader on my heavy rod if I fish away from the jetties. Never fished the outside but I see people out there on calm days.

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