Tn stripers

I posted under the hook-up section about coming down in Oct. Being from Tn, Im not on here much. Here are a few from the past month. 1st one was 56lb…Anyone want to trade a trip?

Not many fish like that here on Murray. I would love to take you up on that offer but with my boat you may end up rowing. Very nice fish, where were they caught?

Upper end of Melton Hill lake.

Where is that?

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What kind of bait and what was water temp??

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58-61Deg. 12-18 in trout…

Originally posted by MJPRICE

58-61Deg. 12-18 in trout…

Kind of what I figured the bait was, we used them a while back and it sure weeds out the smaller fish, plus if you have some left over take them home a fry them up:smiley:

Sea Pro 210cc
Yamaha 200 4 Stroke
Dodge 1500 4x4 HEMI

Plus catching 18" trout is fun too. Looks like some good fishing. I got to make it somewhere like that some day soon. Wish I would have been fishing the Saluda when it used to be like that. It’s a shame what happened to that fishery. Lucky to catch a 21"'er now.

steelytom i told you the trout was the way to go.i’m like you right now boatless put mine in the shop today.

Its a drive for you guys. But if you ever make it this way or want to come , let me know. I can put you on some fish. Iev got extra bedrooms, All you would have to bring is your clothes… Here are a few more from this year…

mj becareful you might have more than you want.some of these guys get hi just thinking sbout stripers.

MJ…when is the best time to come catch some fish…I would make the trip to catch a couple big ones’…would not impose on you for a bedroom…but would buy the pizza one night…

Best time for the bigger ones is in the summer. Can catch alot of small one in the fall and winter 15-30lb.

mj what would the out of state liscense cost? just many can your boat would probably be 2 of us.

Have no idea on license. Ill check though. 22ft center console. 2 of you would be fine. I can fish 4 easily.


Jr. Hunt/Fish (Type 070) _____ $9.00 (Required for nonresidents age 13-15, fishing and small game only)

Annual Fishing (Type 076) No trout ___ $41.00

Three-Day Fishing (Type 077) No trout___ $16.50

Ten-Day Fishing (Type 079) No trout ___ $25.50

Three-Day All Fish (Type 078) ______ $33.50

Ten-Day All Fish (Type 080) ______ $50.50

Annual All Fish (Type 081) _______ $81.00

You will need a trout stamp. so type 078 is probably the best.

thanks.i’m going to call my friend in n.c. and see if he is interested.if not i’llbe making a the trip solo.i’ll get in touch with you a week or two ahead of i need to bring any tackle?it’s not a problem to. thanks again.

MJ…when/what months were the fish in the pictures caught???

I will have to make that trip in the future…

Maybe even start planning for next year…

The best month is August-September. July has been good also. A far as tackle, I have plenty.