To whoever made this site better

I just want to say thank you. I remember years ago there were many members and great reports and I really learned a lot. Then the site changed and everyone left. I’m just glad to see back with a heartbeat and I hope we get a lot of people back here posting. It’s a cool little fishing community that I look forward to almost every day. I don’t do facebook or anything, but I enjoy it here. I also frequent There is usually some great info there especially for boat maintenance and fiberglass repair things. It’s not as much of a fishing site though. it’s more of a general boating site.
Tight Lines!!

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With a new format and the cleansing of a few malcontents, it is definitely on its way towards improvement. There are some folks that are noticeably absent that I hope can be enticed to return. We all need to keep up the positive posts and continue to ignore “those guys”.

I’m skeptical about most change and I wasn’t happy with for a long time. I will admit; this site now is a great improvement over what was here for several years. @snickers has a thankless job. God bless him and his efforts for having to put up with a bunch of grown children. Looking forward to this site becoming what it once was, a really great local outdoors website.

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I am really shocked it is coming back so well, and happy it is, of course.

So many people quit posting because of the crowds fishing, I thought the days of posting were almost over, we will see.

It ain’t back to it’s glory days but, it ain’t dead either. We have to keep up the good posts, try and get some of the OGs back and continue ignoring them.

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I would have put a fishing report on the site from Sunday, however we got stuck on a flat on the way to fish… so that was unfortunate :upside_down_face:

without pix… :laughing:

If you have never been stuck while boating…

Any captain that says he has never run aground will lie about other things

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I’ve got that t-shirt.

If you’re not bumping bottom, you ain’t exploring finding new fishing spots. Just like if you’re not breaking your line off on structure, you’re not flounder fishing.

I’m no expert but, that looks like stuck.

You can’t see his motor!