Toadfish Spinning Reels

Last week Toadfish had some sales going on. One of them was buy one get one free on 2pc spinning rods. I had been wanting to try these out ever since I came across this brand and for this price I couldn’t pass them up. I ordered them last Tuesday & got them on Friday, $165 with tax & free shipping. They look & feel really nice but I was a little concerned because the last few guides were smaller than I am use to. I was worried about my FG knot going back & forth thru the last guide. I tossed a reel on one that has 10# braid with a 17# Floro leader. It casted great so I took it with me Saturday, I really like it so far. I did not catch anything of any big size with it bur so far so good. Now I wish I would have gotten 2 more for that price.
Normal price is around $140 for one or $140 for a rod & reel combo.

Anyone on here tried the Reels out?

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So, first of all, great local company and great people - and they do a lot for conservation.
I’m a fan of their products. I have two of their rods and two of their reels. The rods are a great value for the money and very durable. I’m a bit of a rod snob so they aren’t the first ones I reach for but I have them to let my guests use because they are a real responsive, nice rod, and I won’t be heartbroken if they break. But they are very durable.

A lot of ppl don’t know this but the owner used to design reels for Shimano. The reels are legit. And they are sealed so they should last a long time because they aren’t getting saltwater in the bearings.

Hope this helps.

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It really does. Next time I need a combo I may give them a try.
Only thing is the two I got are 7’-2" rods so they just do fit in t he very top 2 slots of my Rod Boxes, that was the only lengths on sale. When I bought them I wasn’t sure if they would fit but for the price I didn’t care.
If I do pick up any combos I will probably do the ones just under 7’-0".

Good info.
I’ve heard of them but never paid any attention to them.
Didn’t realize they were a local company…


Yep. A % of their profits go to oyster restoration.

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Even though most of my rods/reels have seen little action lately, this is good to know. I have seen some of their products but was unaware that they made rods/reels. I like supporting local folks if I can (just bought some local made Jig Heads).

How smooth do they reel?
Would you campare them to a Penn Battle or even better a Diawa BG or some other reel you are familiar with.

They are also a sponsor of Release Over 20.
We were running low on inventory ( hats, shirts, koozies, etc ) of theirs. I asked for a replenishment and I had a thousand dollars worth of inventory sent to us -including the rod and reel combo that we will be auctioning off during our next fundraising event in April.

They are really good folks.

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That’s great. Shows the company is in it for more than just making money, they truely care & are passionate about what they stand for.

I’d put them up there against pretty much any $200 price point reel. I’m impressed with them.

That’s great, think I’m going to have to give them a try next time I need a new combo.

So I put a reel on the 2nd rod I ordered. Ran the braid thru the eyes & began tying a FG knot. I kept tension on the braid & the rod as I always do when tying that knot. As I was almost done, the rod snapped at the 2nd eye from the end right at the edge of the wrap that holds the eye on. Well I was disappointed to say the least.
I went back on Toadfish site & pulled up the Warranty info. I took some pics & then sent the e-mail to them. Within an hour they contacted me & approved my warranty claim with no fuss or hassle. I feel like that really says a lot about a company that will stand behind their product & customers.
Hopefully this year I will be able to get out & give them a try to see how well they hold up.

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Nice to see someone stand behind their warranty with no hassles.

Great rods I use them in lower keys for all types of Snapper’s, not sure about reels, I’m Quantum man, just as good as a fenwick inshore elite, but lighter!

What specifically happened to your Toadfish product that has you upset?

Maybe not the product, so specifically what happened with Toadfish’s customer support or warranty perhaps?

Just trying to find out what has your anal fin stuck out so far.

Thanks for clearing that up


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So, someone posts here about a good experience they had regarding a warranty and customer service and your first post is to crap all over the product?

Optiker has forgotten more about fishing than most will lever know and these other folks are no slouches either. I’d trust their word over a 1st time poster like you. Nice way to introduce yourself.

The days of trashing others are over…