Tom T. Hall

Has gone to a better place……R.I.P.

We burned up a lot of 8-tracks listening to his storytelling music, what a load of talent the man possessed, I’m gonna miss him.

Do you have your will written and filed? You may join Tom to hear him in person since you’ve been magnetized to get the new variants. How many jabs have you had so far? Are you wanting a booster? What are you able to do besides post on here a lot less?

“ RBF aka Shunkey, Porch Dick, John Weaver, quite frankly you are full of schitt. In my opinion you are primarily to blame for the degradation of this particular fishing website. You dilute this place with your incessant desire to be relevant by posting constantly whatever cut and paste cartoon or quip you dig up only God knows where just to be "heard". It really must be miserable where you are, if not for you then for those around you.” EF 4/27/21

I enjoyed Halls music. Sad that he is gone For the most part , real country music died with Merle and George Jones. Robbie can’t post much else because his party is in the dumpster right now with crap stains that won’t ever wash off

Please read: do not respond to the political forums trouble makers that spew filth and sewage with their name calling and constant insults. It feeds their sickness and harms this site as EF and others have noted Please maintain the shun

8 tracks? Come on Man, we missed that by a decade, you and I had Cassettes.

Godspeed Mr. Hall.