Tomorrow Morning -- 1/27

I was thinking of dropping in at Gadsenville or Garris Landing to fish the low around 11. One, is anyone else going? Two, I have not fished the areas in a kayak. Any advice/safety concerns with tides? Three, I hope the warm weather today and tomorrow will get them biting.

Gas Can

I was not able to go this morning as both, yes both, of my cars broke down on Sunday. Bummer. Thats life I guess. I did go to a bridge near my house and just cast a few grubs out. No bites.

If anyone in the future is looking for a buddy to go out in Copahee or Garris Landing, I would be willing to meet up.

Gas Can

Sorry to hear about your car trouble!

I’ll let you know next time I plan on heading out there - we’ll go chase after 'em.

Sounds great. Thanks

I bring an extra pair of clothes with me when its cold. In a dry bag of course. Sucks you couldn’t get out, It was a very nice day. I get the next 2 days off from work AND school and what do you know… hail, snow, and ice. Winter is kicking my ass this year!

All fishermen are liers except me and you and I’m not sure about you.