Tons Of Action For 5 Straight Hours!

We tried our hand at trolling for wahoo early in the morning at daybreak, but no takers. So we came back in about 30 miles and switched to bottom fishing to get a decent tug and turn it into a fun day. Thank goodness we did. We caught a ton of fish on the day! Two guys were bottom fishing with live/cut bait and two of us were using slow pitch jigs. We managed about 50-60 fish on the day and very sore arms the following day :rofl:.

All fish were caught in about 100-110 foot of water and we were fishing about 30-33 miles off. The weight of the jigs ranged from 110-180 grams.

Here’s the video link if you want to watch the action:


that’s awesome!! I watched the whole thing. If I cant fish i might as well enjoy wacthing you guys!

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What an awesome day! Looks like great conditions. And, it looks like you appeased the fishing gods by “donating” one to Mr. Shark


You guys are killin it! Thanks for the vid too, looks like a great time, even with the long ride!

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Headed out again tomorrow. Hope the seas stay down. If they do I’ll roll another video! :movie_camera:

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We unfortunately donated about 6-8 to the tax man! :shark: