Toogoodoo river/creek

Rented a place on the Toogoodoo river end of may with boat dock, will be putting in at the Public launch on Toogoodoo rd. Is it better to launch at high tide or low? How’s the fishing on that side this time of year? I just mainly wanted to know how the run was house is up the creek before the 174 bridge
Will be using a key west 1720

Last time I was there
It didn’t matter what tide it was
No problems
We really loaded up on the shrimp at the mouth of toogoodoo
I bet you have a great time
How much is the rent nowadays?
I would go out at low tide on the first day and see how the sand bars look or maybe check them out with a depth finder

The landing is actually on Parishville rd. I can put in and take out dead low 22’ bay boat

Thanks for the responses wasn’t looking for hot spots or anyone’s honey hole
Mainly fish the cooper out of bushy
Is the fishing good in Toogoodoo this time or should I run further down and fish near cherry point. I kinda wanted to stay in the creek if possible

I would run out to the near shore reef with that big boat
If it wasn’t too rough
I bet you have a great time

Stop by Mr Jimmys up in bohicket and he will set you up with some skrimp
Tell him one pound Freddy sent you
He will get a charge out of that.Haha

I don’t think Mr. Green is there anymore, unless he came back lately. I bet Ive bought a thousand pounds from him over the past couple decades.

Last time I called him and asked for a box to take home he said he was done. Sad indeed, we are all aging out.

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