Top water trout bite is on!

Nice top water action this am! Water was 70. Caught this bad boy after I missed a big blow up:

And then I got this
Girl. That’s the last time I land a top water with a net. I gave up and used a different lure after that.

LMAO… Good one. I like your style

70?! Where?

It’s 70 way back up in creeks coming off flats.

Funny stuff! A rubber net is your friend, BTW

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke “Flatty”

^^ yeah. That and barbless hooks. Sheesh.

^^ yeah. That and barbless hooks. Sheesh.

haha i have the same net and had the same problems. New rubber net will be in the shopping cart soon enough.