Topless Cheerleaders.--Football Time In Tennessee. 2023

That gator took a big chomp out of the Tennessee poodle. Was that Fat Phil Fulmer that called the last time out ? Classless.

Who you pulling for B?

and here, take this classless old Phil Fulmer orange doll and show me where the mean man hurt you.

Be specific please, dont leave out any of the horid details


LOL !!! Knew I could push a button or two. Never liked the Vols, love the state of Tennessee though.Haven’t heard a person think that time out was good. And never heard one Vol fan speak highly of AD Fulmer, the coach maybe but not the AD… Heres a hint, you cant spell Citrus without UT.

Thats a good Spurrier quote, hes got a million of them

I like mine better though

It goes like this… …You cant spell Quit without UT

the ole ball sack ,i mean coach


Sweet! Good Luck!!

Headed out to Knoxville with the weekly load. You could smell the whiskey burning down Copperhead Road

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Great T shirt!!!

Go Auburn!!

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I’m watching that one MN

Me too, war eagle

Cant win em all

Beck, and Bowers, are going to be tough to beat!

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