totally unprepared

had the boat rigged for summer fishing still and was not ready for what i encountered. jim thanks for the morning advice, that was most of my action for the day, but had to put lines in at 25’ and troll those which put bait probably around 10’ and that produced many many runs on the reels with only one hook up (short of course) but was good to hear them screaming in the morning darkness, sun came up and fished moved, so did i and it only got worse, had them school on me three times with nothing to throw at them; only had downrods, lead and hooks on board (no plugs, bucktails, etc) tried throwing hering at them but thats like winning the lottery, them picking your bait out of the other million baits…lol.(needed that reaction bite bait)… saw fish bust herring at least 4’ out of the water. saw fish on top all day here and there not counting the schooling. hope to get another shot to redeem myself…lol…off the water at noon with a grand total of two short fish.:face_with_head_bandage:

How deep was the water you were seeing them in?


Chip, glad that you got them to chew. I see planer boards in my immediate future. Thanx for the report.