Tough Bday Weekend

Tried to relax some this weekend but it didnt work out that way. Did get to see Optiker at the dock Sat early. I must have given him and my buddy all my mojo for the day because I only got to fish for almost 2 hours before grtting called into work. I did squeezed in trout and 2 baby groupers before my buddy and had to bring me to the hill. He went back out and was steady sending my fish pics while I was at work chasing my own tail…

Ended up doing baseboards at home and some yard work for Mom on Sunday. Took yesterday off for my bday and me and the wife and the dog started our day out with a dead truck battery. Then after getting the batt replaced, truck cranks and as i go to back up I felt the button on the transmission handle pop as I grabbed it and now the truck wouldn’t come out of park! WTF…

But, its running so that helps…

So I watch some videos and start taking the consol apart… turns out none of the vids have my issue. Ended up pulling the knob off of the shaft to manually raise the bar to let it out of park… after full disassembly of course…

So I get that going and finally make it to the river and it’s a little after 12 by now. Determined to catcha fish on my bday, thats exactly what I did… Caught A fish. Luckily this one ate my cut mullet and went right to the middle of the river and away from the trees. The better half hooked into a good one but hers went right to the trees!

Better than being at work I suppose haha

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Will that dog hunt?

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glad you got a birthday fish, one’s all you need!

are you fishing something like this? I’ve found these in the high marsh occasionally and wondered if they are homemade. only synthesis of slip cork and popping cork that i’ve ever seen, a little complicated but i like the idea

Yep, that’s similar ones. Not all too complicated. Basically a uni stopper knot and a swivel… and I’ll never run a regular poppin cork again if I have access to these. Hands down best way to fish bobbers. Can fish from 12" to 12’ in less than 10 seconds. Thats hard to beat.

Stump…it must be that Hanahan water! I thought i was the only one using slip popping corks in salt water. Heck i even use them out at the reef

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How about some more info on that set up Stump. I have mine set at 18-24" and no adjustment. That sounds pretty slick. I’ve done some fresh water bobbers that I jammed a piece of stick into the bobber to adjust but nothing like that on a popping cork. ?

I could tell ya, but it’ll be easier to show ya…

This is how I run em anyway…


Oh yea, throw a #3 or 4 split shot on the underside of the swivel too

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Bing bang boom! Ready for tomorrow :muscle::+1:

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Best part of this repair… hidden doggie photobombs


Supervision :+1:

Well done!

A Bit late seeing your post But Happy Belated BD. Nice catch