tough day on the Stono

Hit it early to fish docks on the incoming, then stalk some rarely flooded flats, then creek mouths on the falling.

Picked up a 23 inch red on the 4th or 5th cast working docks. Then proceeded to fish every dock without another bite. Saw a couple of schools of small trout candy and it was raining birds any time they surfaced.

Headed up into the spartina about time that the wind picked up. Poled the Ride 135 over a couple of acres of flooded grass. No tailers today. Did see one nice 30 incher slowly working an area munching on snails and micro shrimp. Couldn’t get him to eat. :roll_eyes:

Fished creek mouths as the tide started falling and caught 1 blue when I pitched a WhoDat into a school of menhaden.

A lot of seat time in the yak, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 sunburned nose.

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?

give me a yell you head stono way next time …

Bragging may not bring happiness,
but no man having caught a large fish,
goes home through the alley.

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I try to post my trip plans there.

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?