Tournament Day 1 - Youngen Style

Well she wanted to do the Bottom Fishing Rodeo this weekend…she’s on the board 3.04 lbs!

Lost 2 that were even bigger at the boat because I hadn’t gotten the net out yet. Lost a good size flounder as well. Told her there went $1,500! But that’s ok, 2 more days to get a flounder and trout on the board! Hate it when you hunting trout and flounder for Day 1 and we located some huge redfish beating shrimp up like it was going out of style!


Great job!

The reds are aggressive right now

Sorry to hear about the fish loss, but that’s fishing!!! Thanks for the report and I wish you and your partner the best!!! There is not one fisherman that has no story of a “lost” fish. Or twenty.

That’s awesome. Great way to make some family memories.

Beats sitting on the couch or working a bathroom renovation! I know it was fun win or lose. Is there a link to the results or anything? thats the result for the tournament i did.i say i did my dad didn’t get on the leader board.

Stumpknocker, Day 2 cost us $2,000 in fish. I would have had a First Responder largest trout as well as overall largest trout…but he came off. 30 minutes later my youngen had a 1st place trout for junior and would have been a 2nd place overall but she lost that one too…oh well, she is all aboard this tournament thingy

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The one that got away,LOL

Story of my life.

I really enjoy watching her (you and her) getting stuff done.