Towing down I-95

Measured my boat from pavement to top of radar at 14 feet tall. I want to tow from Charleston to Palm Beach on I-95. Does any one know of any low bridges, etc. Should I be okay down the interstate?

ive driven that way plenty of times and you should be fine. its the interstate so unless you are going to be wayyyyyy taller than a tractor trailer then you will be fine buddy :sunglasses:

hey man i know ive never met you, but i really enjoy your posts and knowledge on here. i make my way down to fort lauderdale every so often as my brother in law lives down there. maybe we can wet a line next time im down there

good luck with south beach

Dragged a 34 YF up from Coral Gables July 09 without any issues.
I’m 7000 miles from the boat right now or I’d measure it. (enclosed Raymarine radar on soft top, All American Trailer (Ft Laud)
I’ll try to get someone to jump the razor wire with a tape and get you my height.

I found this outfit for info on my runs from MA <> SC.
Mercury Permit Services 1-855-OVERSIZE
They’ll have access to the latest pubs.

Be safe.

You should not tow anything over 13’6" as that is the max height for commercial trucks. but 95 you should not have a problem

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I just pulled a 31 contender with tower from Boynton Beach to Hilton Head via I-95 and we measured 14’ 3". Good news is the whole boat made it home. Biggest problem is red lights on side roads.

Good luck.

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I was coming back from Palm Beach a few years back and was behind these two 30+fters the whole way… They made it to Charleston fine.

The wetter, the better
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My boat is 13’ tall. Never had any problems. I recall everything on 95 being closer to 16’.

No on side streets watch out.

As mentioned ,13-6 is the max legal height; anything over requires an oversize permit. While you may not encounter any overpasses that are that low on I-95, you may have several telephone and / or power lines crossing the access hiways going to residences while you are getting to and from I-95. If you take out any of these and someone sees and reports you; the fines are steep for not requesting the permits and knowing their locations and you are responsible to the utility for damages at whatever they say it costs to repair. Hope this helps.
Edit: Forgot to mention trees. A lot of the trees on major hiways are just 13-6 and are constantly prunned by passing trailers. They could wipe out your radar at 14’. Also, if its raining; expect trees and power lines to sag 4 - 6 inches below normal. Good luck with your haul.

Is removing the radome a option??..could solve alot of issues??

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