Traffic stop & a gun

Stopped by the police for speeding. Inform the officer I have a weapon. Tells me I need to step out of the vehicle. And he opens my door I tell him my weapon is at 3 inside the waistband. Right there at my seatbelt. Whole time my hand is on the steering wheel. He fumbles with my seat belt can’t unbuckle it. Tells me to . I get out. Ask me if my weapon is loaded. Dumb question of course. Then he asked me is there one in the chamber. Of course. He can’t get the weapon unclipped off my belt. So guess what he tells me to. Unclip my holster and hand him the weapon.easily could have shot the officer. Could have easily taken his weapon when he was bumbling trying to get my seat belt unbuckled. Just seemed very unnecessary to bring my gun into play several times.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

That’s why I never tell the sheriff I have a gun.If my 38 is in my pocket, I put it in the glove box while I’m pulling over.

Be careful there. If you have a CWP you’re legally bound to inform LEO of weapon at earliest opportunity. To the OP I think that LEO had some sort of issue. I’ve had my CWP for a little over 10 years and in that time been confronted with an officer maybe 15-20 times for various reasons (only two of which were something I did wrong which was speeding) and with all but one interaction the LEO went from about level 8 intensity to level 4 when I informed of the weapon. Two things on that I think cause them to be a little calmer there. One CWP holder has had a back ground check so at least at that time the weren’t a known criminal, and two I just informed him of the weapon, and where it is, why would I do that if I had bad intentions or something to hide? Over 50% have told me good I wish everyone carried. The one where the guy didn’t calm down any, still didn’t ask me step out or anything. Maybe he was having a bad day, maybe he was an @$$ or both I don’t know. I have an acquaintance that did what “sman” states he does, and then realized one of his documents was in the glove box, without telling the LEO about the gun reached in to get the doc and nearly got himself arrested/shot etc for being an idiot.

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seems that if you have a CWP the LEO is more relaxed, they know you have been IDed and finger printed

as required you give them the DL and CWP, I put the CWP on top and tell them I have a firearm, it’s in the YXZ and it’s loaded

one time one said. OK, just leave it there got a warning for too fast on the Ashley River bridge
another time it was, oh, what is it? hmmm, never seen one of those, mind if I hold it? how does it shoot? thanks, have a good evening this was a license check point
third time it was, thank you sir have a good evening this was also a license check point


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I have never before had an officer asked me to surrender my weapon. They asked me where the weapon is at . As always inside the waistband at 3 o clock.and I’ve always got good responses back from the officers.
Okay let’s just not take it out and play with it.
Thank you for informing me you armed.
Please just keep your hands away from it.
Do you have any more weapons in the vehicle? He was impressed with the way I had it secured.That turned into a very interesting conversation with officer. But he still wrote me the (**() ticket.
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I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Not every leo can be as calm and cool as Harry Callahan or DF. I keep all my papers in my wallet and have them in my hand hanging out the window and the other hand on the steering wheel when the leo approaches. I don’t answer questions,just tell them to write me a ticket if they think I did something wrong. I used to have a buddy that could get me out of anything but he had to go and get shot. I bet DF could make that ticket go away if you were to take him to catch some of those monster trout you been catchin.:smiley:

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I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.