Trailer bearing question

I know this might be stupid but in pic if I bust that cap off I assume the grease port is underneath that and then do I need a new cap or will this one go back? I don’t want to force this off and then I can’t get back on and I’m fishing tomorrow.

Pull that cap off and go get some bearing buddies from advance.If by chance there’s a grease fitting underneath, you should be able to put the cap back on without a problem.

Ill do that tomorrow. thanks.

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It’s possible to put a serk into that cap if you wanted like a homemade buddy greaser

It may not have an axle serk a lot of those types were pull off and repack

You can buy a cheap wheel bearing greaser at most auto parts stores helps keep your hands from getting greasy

Either way good luck

Bearing buddies are ok if you pull the hub and install outer seal backwards so grease will purge through both bearings and out the back side. Otherwise you are just making yourself feel good.

(the design of an oil/grease seal is to keep it from coming out, hence the inserting of it backwards with a bearing buddy to let grease purge through )

to remove that cap you’ll need a small chisel and hammer. No matter how gentle you are you’ll most likely bend up/ ding the cap a bit. Once you get a gap between the cap and hub use a flat head and twist it between the two, rotating around the circumference.

Like others have said when you get the cap off if you see a zerk fitting fantastic! Oil galley through the center of the axel and force grease to both bearings and purge through outer bearing.

Bearing buddies can allow water to enter hub when submerged. That outer cap and grease seal installed proper will not. If no zerk, remove hub, inspect bearings, repack and reinstall. Get a good marine EP2 grease. Don’t overthink grease and don’t use Moly fortified grease… Moly is not recommended for high speed bearings. It’s better for pins and bushings. Sorry for so negative on bearing buddies… They had a good marketing strategy and many still strongly believe in them. I’ve got some trailers with sealed hubs like yours(only a bit bigger) that have 500,000 miles plus that I converted from gear oil to heavy grease old school style.

If i’ve confused you I’d be happy to try to explain over the phone. Just pm me if you want my number. So much gets lost in a written conversation. imo.

more rambling… Look into a complete hub assy and bolt it onto your spare. Also I would suggest you remove your tire and smear it with anti seize or heavy grease and reinstall. even though your rim is galvanized it will rust and seize to the hub, making it a bugger to get off sometimes.

Cheap insurance on trailer pulling periodically put your hand on the hub. It will get warm, even too hot to keep your hand on (130 is more than you’ll keep your hand on which is fine for a hub)… but not scorching hot… above 160 would worry me.

Nothing but nut under that cap. Behind the nut will be a washer and outside bearing. Unfortunately all too familiar with that hub.

thanks all you guys.

These come in every dust cap size, never knew they existed till last month. Easy on and off, can’t count the number of dust caps I’ve destroyed trying to seat them or pry them off

The one I found was like $8 online, well worth having

thanks i just ordered one!

Yes, I do!!

False sense of security, that your bearings are being sufficiently greased, when they’re not.

Gotta install them right like Alfredo said… He beez right on this one…

Nah, Fred knew they didn’t work out of the box, and brilliantly improvised!

Nice your not so full of yourself, as to give him credit for it though.

Never said Alfredo did it right… Just said they need to be installed correctly as he stated…



Like I said, I know bait when I see it.

Take care!

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Take care!

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FINALLY CAME IT!! i ordered this forever ago it seems. i was envisioning the other chucked into the end into my drill, but its 1" !!
not sure i guess i’ll probably have to just use a pipe wrench on it.