Trailer Ladder

Having a trailer ladder fabricated. The last couple of times launching and recovering on my own, i had visions of my old behind landing on the boat ramp. I pick it up Saturday and will post more pics of the final product. I will also ask if he would like me to post his contact info.

Nice. Make sure you put on some of those “non-skid” strips on the steps. I can stand on my trailer tongue but, I learned quickly how slick wet aluminum can be.

Oh for sure. He’s putting the non-skid strips on each step as well as rubber caps on the ends.

I’m thinking of doing the same thing.
You can see in my picture I’ve moved my Jack to the reasons once I can have my tailgate down to haul a motorcycle and to make room for a ladder/step.

I’m thinking pretty much the same thing as you did but adding a couple cross braces & a outside stringer.

Just getting old thing sucks.

That’s a good idea. He’s reinforcing the steps with angle metal underneath. I’m also thinking of repacing the jack with a swivel jack and mounting it on the side bar of the trailer.

How’s the turning radius?

Guess I’m what you call a wader most of the time to hook the bow eye water sure is warmer here

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Radius is good. Never a problem. I lived in Florida a lot of years and sure did love that water temp.