transom weight capacity...

Thinking about re-powering my 2000 Sea Pro 255 CC. The boat is rated for 400 hp but I’m not sure how to determine how much weight the transom can safely carry. I believe the Johnson 250 on there now weighs in at about 530 +- lbs.

Thought about a couple 150 to 175 hp 4 strokes - most weigh about 400 lbs. a piece. 800 lbs seems like a lot of weight hanging from the transom.

Anyone have any experience with 800 lbs on the transom of a boat the size I own…?

i have twin 150’s on a 26 ft key west,had twin 150 opti pops on my 23 ft whaler,never really noticed any big deal…both were rated for 450 hp…

you could do some research on the weight of 2 200 2 strokes back in 2000 and see how much they weighed,compare that to the current 4 strokes…

i think a big single 350 or 400 would be the ticket for fuel efficiency and weight.

I just repowered with twin suzuki 225s. Had OMC 150 Ocean Pros. Wt difference is about 338 lbs from original. I figured that was about the same as 2 average guys standing on the bracket. Haven’t noticed the boat sitting any lower in the water and have had no issues so far.

GW…Good idea and I did research on the weight of 200 hp 2 strokes back in 2000. Looks like they were in the 450 - 490# range. The transom should be able to handle 900 to 1000# without an issue.

13 Skulls… What type boat did you do the repower on…? What kind of fuel burn are you getting on the Suzuki 225s…?

2000 Sea Pro 255 CC
250 Johnson Ocean Pro

" Always have a plan. "

The boat is a semi custom built deep v center console. Looks somewhat like a Jupiter. 28 feet. As far as fuel burn I have 17 hours on the engines…first 10 were "break in " hours. Up and down the RPM curve. The last 7 were cruising (mostly) between 4100 and 5000 RPMs.All together it looks like I have burned about 1/2 tank of fuel (about 100 gallons). I will know more about actual mileage when I get the new chartplotter hooked up.