Traveling to Italy, want to fish

Heading to Italy in June for a family trip. I am debating on trying to take some gear to wet a line but am wondering if it’ll be worth the hassle. My other plan would be to take a minimal tackle selection and buying a cheap combo there (if a such thing exists). Since this is a fam trip, I don’t expect much down time, but where we are staying is surrounded by water and rocky outcrops. Just looking for some advice of what to do. TIA.

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I’ve never been, but my Uncle goes yearly. He’s got a friend he stays and fishes with. Says it is fantastic. I think the license part is a little aggravating though. Wonder what kind of charters are in that area. Hopefully someone will speak up.

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Man, I’m jealous, that sounds like a good time. Seems like the minimal tackle and cheapo rod while there is a good plan. Having good line and couple of choice lures could go a long way. The charter route would be ideal, but if you’re just wanting to try some around where you’ll be staying then having your own equipment would be great. Come back with some pics if possible, of the rocky outcrops if nothing else. Good luck :+1: :muscle:

What part of Italy? I spent a fair amount of time in Gaeta, between Rome and Naples. Saw tons of locals fishing from the bank, a lot of them used long collapsible bream buster sized rods fishing around rocks.

We’re going to cinque terre in June for 10 days. Im sure to have some downtime once we see what we want to see. Hopefully I can catch something worth a meal. One of the towns is the sardine capital of the world so there has to be predator fish around. I have plenty of time to plan, so pointers are welcome. Maybe I’ll pester the locals enough to get an invite out.