I’ve been shrimp baiting for the past couple seasons but a friend recently told me about a trip he took out of Edisto where they were trawling. I asked about the boat and he said it was a standard 17ft cc boat, but the owner had a rig that clipped in the stern (maybe cleats or rod holders) that dropped a couple trawl nets. He said they coolered out in just over an hour.

Is there a special license required to trawl recreationally? Does anyone know of a trawl net system for purchase or familiar with a design for smaller vessels?


It would be commercial and need a license for such. Trawl nets are expensive too. We thought about it once - but knowing my luck I would hang the net first trip out and trash it! I have seen a couple smaller boats - like about 21-23’ doing what you are talking about but, I don’t know any details.

J Ford

commercial license, and a scaled down version of the net and doors used by shrimp boats. It would probably be in your best interest to cast net, or go to the shrimp docks and buy some.