Trolling Motor Batteries

Hello I have a 55# thrust MK Riptide trolling motor and am in need of a new battery. The last battery I got was an Excide Nautilus Gold 31 from Boaters World, which seemed to hold up OK over the last 4 years. Since Boaters World is no longer, I am curious if anyone has a recommendation for a good deep cycle battery and where to go locally for it. Im also willing to order online if theres a better deal available.

Thanks for any input.

Costco has deep cell / wet cells for 60 bucks if you want to go the budget route. They work good on my 24v

I use the Wal-Mart deep cycle marine batteries. I can’t remember the name but I think it’s something like “Ever Start”. Been using them for a few years and they do just as well as the Interstate batteries that I’ve had in the past.

Ditto on the Everstart. I have 2 that are 4 years old and still kicking butt. I believe they are made by Exide.

Batteries plus, especially if you are looking for a group 31 battery to maximize your trolling time. You are probably in the same situation as me; trolling motor thrust is marginally adequate for your boat so you have to run it at higher speeds most of the time. I’ve had good luck with their batteries so far as I’m on my second one. I’ve had bad luck with the group 31’s from Walmart/Kmart when I could actually find them and I think it has alot to do with lack of stock rotation. Worst Marine is just too expensive.

16’ tincan/18’parker w/ smoke blowin Johnsons

Thanks for the replies. I do think a group 31 battery is what I plan to stick with. I had Batteries Plus on my list as a place to check, so I may start there.

Get one with the same rc and ah specs as what you had so you don’t end up disappoint by a battery that shortens your available motor time on a given day. Some have a lot more or less than others. Sears has one with identical specs to the Nautilus Gold, but I don’t know how good of a battery it is over time.

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I just received a series 27 AGM delivered to metro Atlanta(Acworth) for $195 total.
Great service, and very knowledgeable.