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I have a Sea Hunt BX 22 Pro. I’m looking at the Minn Kota Ripetide 80 # thrust. Ist that enough thrust for bay fishing? What length shaft would you recommend?:question:

The length will be determined by the distance from your bow to the water line and the thrust is determine by the weight of your boat. West Marine has a nice page that explains the selection of a trolling motor.
I will be doing the same thing this week and will be purchasing the Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Saltwater.

If it helps, I have a Skeeter 22ft Bay boat, which is one heavy boat. I recently put a Minn Kota iPilot 80# thrust on and it seems to be more than strong enough to pull the boat. I had the spot lock engauged and it was running at about 1/3rd power keeping the boat in place against a pretty moderate current. Just to throw this out there, if you want to go with more power, you will have to add a third battery for 36volts. If you want to meet up one evening to see how mine performs with the 80# thrust if that would help you out.

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dwhite, we usually rig this boat with the 80# minn kota with the 60" shaft but we have also used the 112#. Just depends on how fast you want to go. the 60" shaft is nice if you are in rougher water so the motor stays in the water.

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I have a Pathfinder 2200 with ttop and eisenglass…spot lock with 80# thrust will hold me on the lake in a 12-15mph wind…also, If you are buying new, I would highly recommend the Minn Kota Rip Tide Ulterra, the stow and deploy feature is awesome. I’ve had mine now for 5 months and not having to run to the bow every time I stop is really really convenient.

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limitout, glad to hear you re enjoying the ulterra. mine is still in the box until i sell my current i-pilot. that s a lot of money and i m glad to hear good comments on it.