Trolling offshore

Anyone fishing this week tues and wed look pretty good

(9) days since a fishing post in Offshore Report, shows politics, off topic, etc. are more popular here than fishing reports!!!

Admin take notice, I am sure you are though.


What are you headed out for trolling in the middle of summer? Trolling for me is a spring/fall game. Summertime is inshore or bottom fishing

29 days now since any reports on Offshore reports???

Blue marlin If you don’t mind working hard all day paying Putins gas tax * and getting no groceries. And we have a resident population of wahoo about 45 miles out if you can find a decent color change or a strong rip

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I’m with @snickers, too hot and too much work to go that far now. I much prefer the twilight bite in 65 feet and a nice cool leisurely ride back to the hill.

or I used to prefer it anyway…

good times