Trolling with down riggers..

any advice on how deep and how much line you should use behind the weight?

it seems no matter what i try i get caught in the trees on lake hartwell…some of them suckers have got to be 90 ft high[:0]

2001 23 ft outrage with twin 150 opti’s…

It works great if you have 2 guys in the boat, one to drive and one to raise and lower the balls with the trees/humps. A lot of you bites will come when you are lowering the ball believe it or not. I use a roadrunner with a chartruese trailer and I will put mine anywhere between 20-50 behind the ball sometimes more. And yes you can loose the entire ball, I need a new one now.:smiley::smiley:

1999 Sea Pro 210cc
Suzuki 225 EFI

Around 50 ft. for me too. I try to follow the depth contours so I remain at a set depth (without trees). We have one in the upper lake, in 50 ft of water and the thing is stiking out of the water 10-15 feet still. A good late fall hiding place for big fish

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