Trout beware - YS

Took my oldest youngen, who was all that was left that didn’t cancel, out fishing this a.m. I managed to locate a part of the high tide bank about 100 yards long that was holding trout. It was on after that. The trout were doing their best to eat any shrimp that swam over them and if they didn’t get it the birds would swoop down and snatch the shrimp. Great show for us!!! My daughter caught 8 (11-13.75") trout on artificial and 1 bluefish and I was able to catch one while she was getting something to drink. For you dads this is the oldest trick in the book, use it when you can so your hands smell like your fish every once in a while because those kids will catch every single one of 'em! Had to take pic from the heavens so nobody else figures out our new location haha!!!

Awesome! That’s one happy kiddo!

Way to go Dad! Nice move on the fish hands too lol

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