Trout close to home and a good fellowship with man and nature

While the others were doing the corn under a cork, I switched to a red rooster tail. Catching them about every other throw, probably 10-12. We kept 8 of the biggest caught (2 per person limit), I gave my rooster tail to a kid not catching anything. Instant hookups and even a couple of slab crappie in another lake with it. So fun to watch kids catch fish!

Good deal Fred!

Good stuff.
I enjoy watching kids catch fish just as much if not more than me catching them.

What’s up with the sawzall??

Brought the fish into the deer cleaning station… Baby it’s cold outside!

Is that reciprocating saw for filleting? Asking for a friend…

Where you catchin’ dem at?

Up in the mountains they cook’m with the heads on.

Up in the mountains they don’t know about BBQ hash …

no that’s for deer processing. LOL. I wish I could say a mountain stream, but it was a stocked pond Near Dorchester. Had a cabin reserved … Next reservation is in the fall of 2024 they book out far. As for head on fish… that’s not for me. I did cut the gills after I caught them. Hoping to get on the Youth hunt. They have some Monster deer, some of the mounts they had in the main conference building were as big as they get around this area. They typically harvest 400 a year… doe & buck mix.

Yep I don’t want the dam n fish looking at me.
Asian folks suck the eyeballs out and eat them. Blah…

Some of our Europeans love to eat sheep eyeballs too. I aint doing no eye ball. I might cut some cheek meat of a fish head, but that’s it.