Trout fishing adventure

My mom and I went on a 2 hour trout fishing trip in Tennessee and I caught the most and biggest what a suprise am i right. My mom caught a couple but I gotta teacher her how to hold a fish. We had a ton of fun today and i’m still on recovery to getting warm.


That looks like a really great time! Those are some nice trout too, very cool! This is a bucket list item for me so I’m a little jealous haha.

Thank you for sharing.

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Pretty work, thanks for sharing…adventure indeed!

You can take my youngen out of the lowcountry, but you cannot and will not take that passion out of her! If you breathe 02 under water then you can bet your bottom dollar that at some point in your life span she will hold you up for a pic!!!
Youngen Style

Is that the Holston?


No we were between Gatlinburg and pigeon forge.

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Especially the cowboy hat
Did you all cook some?

They arent in season. The guy who tooke us said april they do a tournament to keep the trout.

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