Trout hungry at bp

Original tt was what I was using.Didn’t put in till 715 and the only one there was the crab man.

yesterday was gorgeous, was there plenty of clear water up the river?

I was liking the cloud cover this morning, threw 10 casts with a spook jr and released one fish 15-16"… conditions were not favorable for TW though, shoulda been throwing opening night!

Yes,very clear and for what it’s worth,they were in 6-8ft not up by the grass. I would like to get on some of that topwater action but it doesn’t seem to work where I’m at,probably just don’t know what I’m doing.haha

Hard to go wrong with the OG TT. Clearer and cooler water are well on their way, thanks for sharing!

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What is BP? thanks!

Key West 210 Bay Reef

Bushy Park