Trout report please

Someone give us landlocked folk a trout report. Since I can’t go, I at least like to hear what fun the others are having. Thanks fellas, and keep my family in your prayers. We have a bit of sickness from grandad all the way to the baby right now. Appreciate it.

Prayers for healing and comfort for you and your family. Have had a lot going on with my family lately, also. Faith and prayer keep us going.
Hope to go fishing Monday. Got a house full of grandkids until tomorrow. Will post a report.

My daughter and I caught around 40 last Sunday.

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“Thar She blows”

Thanks, InletFool! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers edgesr. They are greatly appreciated.

Went Thursday for awhile. Caught eight between 18 and 21 inch’s. Trolling Mirrolures

post yesterday in gtown trout report, caught 12 or 13 kept 5 one over 20 inch and the rest between 15 and 18. besides the 10000000000000000 other boats out there acting fools. it was a pretty good day

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