trout worms?

Came from a 19 inch fish caught off the beach. Seen a lot of fish parasites in my life but these are a new one.

Yum!..spagehtti worms.

yep… Poecilancistrium caryophyllum = tapeworms. very host-specific though, and we’re nowhere close to their life cycle. cook and ignore, or attempt to pull out with tweezers!

Found my first worm* in a fish this week when I cut a finger mullet for bait.

*Are any worms dangerous even when cooked?

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I want to catch them all

He got buried in the garden and now has okra planted on top of him.

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Seen them forever in trout, but nowhere near as bad as they are
in bigger blue catfish out of the rivers… Same worm ;donno, not very appetizing though:wink:


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I put the fillets with the worms in my fishing partners bag.

Saw that in N. Florida trout, especially near freshwater outflows into saltwater. Florida DNR said they were harmless, had more protein than the fish flesh. Won’t make you pregnant, either despite what they look like.

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