Fished 4/30 & 5/1. Only Caught a few small flounder, 1 undersized blackdrum, and small trout.

Did manage to catch this 19" trout, personal best! Caught in creek off the Wando.

what were you using? looks like fairly high tide?

…i think i recognize that creek :slight_smile:

yup, caught it at dead high tide and right where you suspect, I’m sure. Carolina rigged mud-minnow.

I was throwing different vudu’s and z-man pearls all afternoon too, but only produced on the mud’s. I just recently got into plastics so I’m sure my technique is not as efficient as it could be. Just need more time on the water to get better with 'em.

was there bait in the creek? or did you bring them in from elsewhere?

Brought them. Only saw glass minnows here. Did see few schools of mullet at a different spot this weekend, closer to harbor.