Try another day in Fla

Go back to the motel parking lot because the WIFI is still working and decided I’ll try another day on my way home. Enroute to Ameliia Island the clouds were getting darker (near Jacksonville) get to the area and can’t find nothing on the fishing guide but there were many other fishing guides brochures on the board walk. Call after call and a couple whom couldn’t do a single because there smaller boat was down and Capt Bill told me to call this guy Jeff and I left a message and as I had made the decision to head home he returned my call and said he had an opening. What a day of inshore fishing where the clearity was great and you could see sharks swimming in the are , big rays , sea turtles and fish on. Hit the slam and he invited me to fish on his boat anytime. He’s affiliated with the Charleston angler group.

This was like fishing Bushy Park other than the water clarity. Oh and we were only in about 3’ of water. Got the slam in that region and Capt Jeff was a great guide.

finish the day around 12:00 and off to the motel for a quick shower and on the way home. Home with a few manly beverages and recuperating was rough. One does not know how tired the body is until they relax. Guess I’ll hit it tomorrow before going back to work
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Originally posted by fatrat357 One does not know how tired the body is until they relax.

There are often wonderful little tidbits of life lessons tucked into your reports. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Glad you had a really great birthday!