Trying to locate a cover for my 191 Cayman

Im trying to purchase a cover for my 2005 191 Ranger Cayman. All of the universal and semi custom covers i have found will not accomidate a platform this tall. I called ranger and they said i could have a custom one made for $1100. I was looking to get something for $400 or less. i will not be using this cover regularly. Anyone know of any brand/model covers that work with this boat?

2005 Ranger Cayman 191

Anyone know of any companies that offer flats boat covers that have a cutout that fits around platform? still finding that the platform is too tall for a cover that go over it.

2005 Ranger Cayman 191

I bought a Carver for my Whaler. Fits great and made in SC.

Martin Marine Design in Hardeeville can make any custom fit cover you need.

Capt. Larry Teuton
Cracker Built Custom Boats